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Free mobility from 01/03/2020

The big day is coming closer! Luxembourg is proud to become the first country in the world to offer nationwide free public transport. From 01/03/2020 your travels will get easier: you will no longer need a ticket to board any national bus, train or the tram. However, first class train tickets and passes will remain valid: there will be no change or discount.

Free public transport ends at the border. This is why cross-border tickets have been reassessed. Commuters from neighbouring countries will benefit from reduced fares!


This will become a date anchored in history, just like the first step on the moon. Luxembourg will be the first country in the world to make mobility free!


A hashtag to mark engagement, but also to remind the transport lines and the crossings of roads and travelers.


Join us on Saturday 29/02/2020 at “Neien Tramsschapp” in Kirchberg to celebrate free mobility with concerts by local artists, food trucks and bars.
New fares
From 01/03/2020 you will no longer need a ticket to travel on the tram and national buses and trains (except first class). As free public transport ends at the border, cross-border tickets and passes have been reassessed.
National tickets (1cl)

2-hour ticket (1 cl) 3

Booklet of ten 2-hour tickets (1cl) €24

1-day ticket (1 cl) 6

Booklet of five 1-day tickets (1cl) €24

Monthly pass short distance (1cl) 37.50

Monthly pass (1 cl) 75

Annual pass short distance (1cl) 330

Annual pass (1 cl) 660

Senior pass (1 cl) 200

Cross-border RegioZone tickets

2-hour ticket RegioZone 13

2-hour ticket RegioZone 2 5

1-day ticket RegioZone 1 5

1-day ticket RegioZone 2 9

Monthly pass RegioZone 1 40

Monthly pass RegioZone 2 85

Annual pass 1 360

Annual pass 2 750

Cross border tickets
Fares for cross-border travel have been changed. You can find an overview of  tickets and passes available from 01/03/2020 down below.